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Investigation… BAKASSI: From citizens to foreigners; from land owners to settlers

Revisiting the long, complicated history and its many fallouts If anything, the episode of the reported killing Nigerian fishermen, the passions it inflamed, and the debate it provoked, accentuated a bitter history of lengthy territorial scramble between both countries, which though received legal resolution over a decade and a half ago, and subsequent political resolution, […]

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Investigation…. OUT IN THE COLD: Ejected abroad, abandoned at home- The Bakassi story

Reawakening the ghosts of a bitter dispute In July, reports of the killing of ninety-seven Nigerian fishermen in the Bakassi Peninsula sent shockwaves across Nigeria and the international community, awaking fears that relations between both countries were set to degenerate, leading to a major international dispute. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria and President Paul […]

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INVESTIGATION: Asian company rakes in billions, pollutes Lagos, Ogun in illegal manufacture of black oil

The arrest of two Chinese nationals, Taolung Shen and Xu Jing Yau, in February 2017, for allegedly dealing in fake tyres, estimated at about N5.3 billon, dominated media space and put some businesses owned by foreigners on the spotlight. The case of Shen and Yau constitutes less than a percentage of unreported illegal activities foreign […]

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OTODO GBAME: Lagos govt leaves an open wound that is refusing to heal months after

Last year, October 9 to be precise, the Lagos State Government announced its intention to demolish ‘shanties’ along waterfronts across the state, giving the residents of such slums seven days to vacate the areas. That threat of forceful eviction by the government which, however, did not name specific communities or provide any statutory basis for […]

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INVESTIGATIONS… ‘THEY WANT OUR LANDS’: Horror, brutal killings as grazing disputes overwhelm Benue (concluded)

They Opened Our Doors With Force, Bringing In Cows To Eat Our Seedlings Before these attacks drove everyone out, Uatsor used to be a peaceful village and a farming hub. Meraba, a displaced farmer and civil servant who took Ripples Nigeria round select portions of affected farmlands in the now deserted Uatsor village explained that […]

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INVESTIGATIONS… ‘THEY WANT OUR LANDS’: Horror, brutal killings as grazing disputes overwhelm Benue

The people of Benue State seem to have had more than a fair share of tragedies emanating from attacks carried out by marauders suspected to be herdsmen. Hundreds have been killed, and whole communities sacked in attacks that smacks of a deliberate and planned motive to ensure that such areas are devoid of the humans […]

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Missing, Wounded, Killed in Action: Tracking the cost of valour in Nigeria’s war against Boko Haram (2)

At a time he was unsure of what path to settle for in his life’s journey, the young and active Ziggy (not real name), eventually decided to join the Nigerian Army. It didn’t just happen; Ziggy, the Lagos boy, was in a commercial vehicle going to Ojota when a soldier, beautifully adorned in his camouflage-uniform […]

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Missing, Wounded, Killed in Action: Tracking the cost of valour in Nigeria’s war against Boko Haram (1)

“We are going to carry this as a war and I appeal to all and sundry to give this operation maximum cooperation,” Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai, the Army chief, said in 2015 while launching Operation Lafiya Dole as a new code name by the military to fight Boko Haram terrorists. “We will respect human dignity, […]

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