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Investigation…. OUT IN THE COLD: Ejected abroad, abandoned at home- The Bakassi story

Reawakening the ghosts of a bitter dispute In July, reports of the killing of ninety-seven Nigerian fishermen in the Bakassi Peninsula sent shockwaves across Nigeria and the international community, awaking fears that relations between both countries were set to degenerate, leading to a major international dispute. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria and President Paul […]

    RCDIJ Leaks

    This is our online whistleblowing platform for users to share sensitive information and documents with RCDIJ.

    The goal is to offer confidentiality for anyone who knows of potential or executed illicit transactions, frauds, scams, corruption, environmental disasters, rights violations etc., and wants to make them public but are scared of likely detrimental repercussions.

    Here is a guide to leaking us information:

    By post

    It might seem old-fashioned, but posting documents is the safest way to get information to us anonymously. Don’t write your name or any return address on the envelope, and ideally don’t post the documents from your home, workplace or anywhere near those locations.

    By phone

    You can contact RCDIJ on +234 809 049 1377 and ask to speak to our representative Chidi Chinedu

    By email

    You can send an email to info@rcdij.org or to an individual staff member. Bear in mind that normal emails can be traced and hacked, even if you set up a new account using a fake name.