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FACT CHECK.. Did Buhari’s govt truly rebuild Bama in Northeast Nigeria? We investigated

Against the backdrop of billions of dollars donated, and claims made by the Nigerian government, that Bama town in Borno State, a former Boko Haram enclave destroyed in the fight against terrorism, has been rebuilt, RIPPLES NIGERIA embarked on a risky fact-finding mission to ascertain the extent of rebuilding. The findings were shocking and disheartening…. […]

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INVESTIGATION… Thugs rule in Rivers markets, force multiple illegal taxes on petty traders, as govt feigns ignorance

There are 98 million Nigerians living in extreme poverty, according to a report by the United Nations. To survive, many, especially women engage in petty trading in various markets. But the youths in Rivers State communities, who force traders to pay multiple illegal taxes, have become a stumbling block to local businesses. In this investigation, […]

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INVESTIGATION…. ABIA STATE: Federal roads in bad shape, as run-away contractors abandon projects

Some months before the 2019 general elections, a number of governors in South East Nigeria indicted the federal government of negligence in implementation of capital projects. Promptly reacting, the Federal Government reeled out a 69-road and bridges projects’ list purportedly ongoing and at different stages of completion billed at over N100 billion purportedly drawn from […]

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SPECIAL REPORT… Kano community in pains, as contractor dumps healthcare centre project

Five years after a contractor abandoned a primary healthcare centre meant to serve a remote Kano community, the people tell Ripples Nigeria’s Linus Unah the agonies they endure daily, and how they hope government would live up to its responsibilities When construction workers and equipment arrived Rumo village in late 2014, Sabo Abdullahi, the village […]

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INVESTIGATION…. RURAL ELECTRIFICATION PROJECT: Completed on paper, nothing on ground as Kano communities are left in darkness

The Nigerian government budgeted funds to provide electricity for some rural areas in the country. On paper, the projects are tagged completed, but evidence on ground suggests otherwise. Linus Unah visited one of such communities in Kano State still wallowing in darkness, years after the contractor, and agency in charge claimed the job has been […]

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SPECIAL REPORT… PLATEAU: Chilling story of deaths from snakes, reign of ‘native doctors’ as Nigeria abandons its own

Decades after Nigeria launched a team to look into how the country can produce antidotes to snake bites, and after late Prof Akunyili concluded a research on the same issue, nothing concrete has been achieved, and many poor farmers die yearly from snake bites due to scarcity of vials, and their high prices. Orji Sunday was […]

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INVESTIGATION… Inside Benue where quack doctors perform surgeries, remove uterus for abdominal pains

The level of quackery in Benue state is alarming. In rural communities, quack doctors perform surgeries on patients for non-surgical conditions like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and functional abdominal pains that require only anti-biotics treatment. The state, is also reported to have the highest number of Schools and Colleges of Health […]

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